Snooker is one of the most popular games in the UK.

Not only Snooker is very famous…

Snooker is also a game that requires skill and strategy to be good at

Snooker* is a game that dates back to the 16th century. It was initially played on tables with green baize, but now snooker games are usually played on a large rectangular table covered in green cloth and surrounded by cushioned rails.

I’ll share some interesting facts like who the richest player in the world is, why it’s called snooker, and whether or not there are any female players.

You’ll also learn a few basic rules to get started playing snooker for beginners and learn how to shoot ideally. This blog post will answer some questions you may have about snooker and how it compares to other types of billiards.

What is snooker, the rules and how to play it

In snooker, players use the white ball to hit other balls into pockets with the ultimate goal of being left with all fifteen red balls.

There are 15 red balls (the game’s object is to pot as many of these as possible) and six balls of other colours: yellow, brown, blue, pink or black). The white cue ball moves according to where it strikes another ball.

The player who scores more points wins each frame. If this happens in less than 20 minutes, they win that match; if not, there is an interval before a new frame starts. A single-frame competition can be time-limited by limiting both participants to one-hour play, but usually, people will take longer.

World rankings of professional players

The Professional Snooker Association (PSA) is the governing body for professional snooker. The rankings are updated monthly and show how each player has fared in recent tournaments.

The PSA World Ranking as of September 2018:

  • Ronnie O’Sullivan – 12th
  • Mark Selby – 13th
  • John Higgins – 14th
  • Ding Junhui – 15th
  • Kyren Wilson – 16th

Differences between pool and snooker

Pool vs snooker is a classic question. The two games are often considered the same, but several differences make them very different. The first difference is how many balls are used for each game:

Pool uses only six balls per frame, while snooker can use up to fifteen, including reds and colours.

A further distinction between pool and snooker is seen when playing on a full-size table – billiards players must play by bouncing the cue ball off of both cushions at either end (the “baulk lines”) before they can shoot at any object ball.

In contrast, in snooker, all you need do is pot some or all of your opponent’ coloured balls into one pocket without worrying about anything.

Tips for playing better at the game

You would like to play better snooker:

  • Take your time and think through each shot.
  • If you have a position where the object ball is behind another, find out what would happen with that other before potting it. You might just be making things worse for yourself!
  • Be aware of how close you are to the table’ edge; if you’re too far back or down on shots, make sure they will reach by moving closer (or using undershoots). And now let’s talk about some snooker tricks:
  • Especially ones often used in tournament play but which can also help beginners improve their game., such as when playing from baulk? One trick I like is to use an imaginary dot halfway up the side.

Free online Snooker games no download

Do you want to play snooker but don’t want to download and install a game? There are many free snooker games on the internet that you can play right in your browser, all without any downloads.

Snooker is an exciting sport that can be played by anyone of any age or skill set. However, it does require some practice before one becomes familiar with the rules and strategies involved, including those who just started playing yesterday!

The good news for beginners is that there are plenty of places online to find help from people more knowledgeable about the game than them! Such as through forums and blogs.

Snooker game online 2 player

Playing snooker alone is not enough. Do you want to play snooker but don’t have someone around? You can still enjoy a competitive game against your friends, family and other players by playing an online snooker game!

There are plenty of free games that can be played in the browser without any downloads required. Some feature multiplayer matches with up to six different people at once.

Snooker is sometimes called “sinkers” because it’s easier for beginners to hit the ball into the pockets if they aim for them from below or near their feet.

Some would argue this makes billiards more challenging since there are no such restrictions on how one may shoot and where one must stand when executing a shot.

Who is the richest snooker player in the world?

According to Forbes, the richest snooker player globally is Ronnie O’SullivanO’Sullivan, with a net worth of £22.33 million in 2016.

This was up from his ranking last year, where he had an estimated net worth of £17.91million. His prize money for winning at Snooker Masters this year has put him up there as one of the snooker most prosperous and most successful players to date.

What is the game of snooker?

The snooker game is a cue sport played on an oblong table, and one of the 14 red balls must be pocketed in the other end. The object of the snooker is to score points by potting (pocketing) your coloured ball.

While trying not to let any opponent’s ball get past you or into a position where it would needlessly hinder your progress towards making them all disappear from view.

Fifteen spots around this green-baized table require different amounts of points for success: The black spot at either end counts as 27 points. The blue spot near each player’ side pockets count as 13 apiece.

An opening break will usually yield 30 points if done well, but some players have been unworldly enough.

Who is the No 1 snooker player in the world?

The number one in snooker player is Ronnie O’Sullivan.

How can I watch snooker live?

You can watch snooker live on the BBC or stream.

How do you shoot in snooker online?

You can use a rest to aim and then take your shot by pressing the right arrow keys on your keyboard or clicking with your mouse.

A good way is to drag an arrow from left to right along the table under where you wish for it to go, release it, and let gravity do its job!

Snooker should always be aimed at one of three spots: Either reds – which clears all of them away; The black spot-which counts as 27 points. Or another coloured ball that will cause what we call “potting” (i.e., knocking off into the pockets) while trying not to get any opponent’s balls.

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